Again, Malaysia come out with a protest

There is a saying that when one go first, there must be the second one come along....Yup, it is proved in this case. No long ago, our democratic country just had another protest about the election. Haha, maybe they protest because they want to get onto the tv, or maybe they had a thought where they think "Hey, lets protest LAH, fun ma, let everyone see Malaysia as a chaos country"

Yeah, the video shows hows chaos was Malaysia now. Even though it is no really as chaos as shown in the video, still, what is in foreigner's eyes? They are not blind and they can see. What will other countries think about us? A bunch of monkeys who like to protest and government who like to throw tear gases and chemical liquid to own citizens? I dunno.....perhaps...it is true...
( in case the video cannot run, please click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlWmafBG1Mo)

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Anonymous said...

Good Good , if everymonth got at lease two protest, the "corruption" government sure GOYANG 1 !