I met a guy this summer

His name is Sunil, a very down to earth guy. Humble, not much word from him but every word is from his life.

There was a quote I once read in Indian newspaper during the trip :"This city harden you, it teaches you to block out one thought and move on to the next." That was a phrase from a citizen after the Mumbai bombing incident. True enough, sadly too true to be reality for people who are living there.

He is in his 30s, have a one year old daughter. Life is tough, he only got to meet his wife twice a year. His hometown is 1270km away from Delhi, takes one whole day for train to arrive.

I used to be so lost where I didn't even know what's in front of me anymore until I meet this guy. His principle of life is what I had been looking for so long. Do what you should do, leave the rest to fate. Hold the belief, and prepare for the worst to come. Keep your dreams alive. Be good to everyone.

I am always amaze by the life of being a driver. Wondering what they have been through inside the small tiny window that separate them from the reality. In the car they see every bad and good things that happened without involving themselves. And there goes ten, twenty, or even forty years of life.

Actions are the seed of fate deeds grow into destiny. I always believe that. You grow a lemon, you got a lemon, simple as that. Life is complicated, but it shouldn't be. Living in reality tires people but what's more important is how to sneak yourself our from the "tough" life, and live on.

Along the trip I truly enjoy his company, his existence reassure me from being con and cheated by the local. Life is not easy there, but he manage to survive, and survive great as I can see.

So here is to you Mr Sunil, I wish you very best of your life to you and your family. People like you is hard to find in this dog eat dog world but I am glad that I met you. You put smile on your customer's face, that's the greatest one can do.

Good Luck

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saiyiedah anuar said...

its nice xperience..