So this is to celebrate my 300th post in blogspot?

Exam mood is on but still, I made the move to blog here because there is something I wanted to write down here to remind myself.

Somehow the future vision is vague right now. Four years ago, I knew exactly what I am gonna do, with who, at where in my future. But now, its all in a mist.

Stumbled on this quote few days ago and I have to admit its so true yet so crucial in everyone's life.
"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest lost is what dies within us while we live."

When everyone is chasing for new things in life, which one of them are actually preventing something from dying inside?

When you are holding the umbrella, what are you hiding for? The rain or the sorrow-ness in ur eye that could be easily seen by people?

And what is the thing you care most about in your life?
Facing all those rumors saying how the world is gonna come to an end and you know what, I am not terrified.
As oldschool as it may sound, I know what's gonna happen will happen eventually, with or without ur presence.

I dunno if the megaquack or the alien is coming tomorrow but there is one thing I can be sure of. That is we are closer to death day by day.

Giving up is not the right way, we are not coming this far to give up. We are here to move forward and become better everyday.

So put some smile on that face, its not what lying ahead or behind us that matter, its what lying between.

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TheJDawg01 said...

I couldn't agree more.

Aletheia said...

It's nice that we have blogs as a way to vent our feelings to the world. Sometimes I think that I may be hiding under the umbrella as you say but sometimes I come out. And I use blogging to do that. I hope, like you, someday to become somebody. Congratulations on your 300th post.

tissuE_paper said...

i couldn't believe i would come across this post at this very moment. just this very moment. thanks, it gave me a lift..