Final exam is like three weeks away from now. As usual.

I dun care about it much

Some people approached me and asked.
"Dun you have work to do?"
"Yes,I did"
I just dun like to show you I am working. Thats why you will think i didnt work at all.

Recently I came across a very interesting fact about Canada as well as among my friends.
I used to think that the ability to close off the instrusive and the distracting - to shut out all the bustle of the senses - is the first prerequisite to deep thought. Or so I used to think.
Recently, however, I have felt a change coming on. Maybe it stems from my surrounding. People around me know how to write or work in the midst of 100 different noises, all of them intriguing.

They have taught me a good lesson: that there are ways, if the physical door is lacking, to shut the mental door.

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nana said...

not quite understand...
sienz...deep as text!

PuDpudLinG said...

how to close our mental door then?